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Friday, May 20th, 2005
8:34 pm
Mortlach 15
Sweet at first, salty as it lingers, sweet at the end. Kind of like a sour cream and onion potato chip. Some peatiness. The flavor of most scotches changes with each sip. This scotch's flavor changes during each sip.
8:05 pm
Mactarnahan 9, 15, and McCarthy's 3 year
Mactarnahan 9- Peaty, full-flavored, but harsh. Honey nose. Hot (46%). Not that good AKA kinda crappy.

Mactarnahan 15- Better, but not great. Still hot. Middle of the road scotch. Tastes better after Monarch bourbon and Tabasco... thanks Shawn.

mcCarthy's 3yr- Locally distilled at Clear Creek Distillery, aged for a whopping three years. Super peaty, sugary, citrus nose and finish. Not as bad as I was led to believe.

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Monday, May 16th, 2005
11:15 pm
Going one up
So after bucking up to the Laphroig 30, I pressed on. Littlemill is next. Its an 8 year lowland. By then smell of it, this should taste like candy. Sweet nose, a little minerality. The taste, caramel, or toffee, scotch, finish, like apple or pear cider. Finishes easy, flavor lingers on the palate.
Funny now its smelling and tasting differently. Maybe its my taste going from the booze, but the smell has lost its sweetness. There's still some of that sweetness, but now its more bitey, kind of like a sea salt or something. Anyways I think i'll just finish this and head out for the night.
10:41 pm
Alrighty, Chris's first post.
Tonight im drinking the Laphroig 30. Drinking Laphroig makes me think of the thanksgiving where my brother in law was given a bottle of Laphroig 10 and drank about half of it. I've loved the stuff since. This 30 year, however, isn't the best Laphroig i've had. Its really smooth, still has that peat taste, but also has this almost caramely bit. The nose is kinda salty, little peppery, and well, scotchy. One thing that always feels funny when i drink any of the 30's, I'm imbibing something older than i am. Not a whole lot of people can say they've tasted something older than them.
Sunday, May 15th, 2005
9:23 pm
A lot of catching up to do
OK. Here's the deal. We have been drinking shots from the wall for about two months now. At around the twelfth bottle I started keeping a journal. This journal has tasting notes, funny stories, quotes from the bar whilst drinking, and other trivial bits of information that will either enlighten, confuse, or cause disdain. I have at least seven pages of entries so it will take a while to bring it all up to date. I will try to log current entries as they happen and add old entries whenever sobriety and conscious thought allow. This site will soon be clogged with drunk ramblings about booze and booze hounding. Until then... stay tuned.

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