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Around the World in 457 Bottles
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Well, here it is. After much hemming and hawing, talking about how it could be done and should be done, I decided it would be done one night after four Coronas: one shot of each liquor on the wall at Paddy's Bar and Grill, the largest liquor display in the Northwest and possibly the world. At around 500 bottles the whole endeavor should take the better part of a year.
Fortunately, I have a companion on this long journey. Chris from Macaroni Grill has stepped up and proven himself by attacking the wall relentlessly. It is his fire that melds with my determination to create a drive to continue. I jump ahead a few bottles and he races to catch up. He goes up by four and I realize that I must continue. I think this see-sawing will continue throughout the wall.
We have set up a system of rules to make it as official as possible. All shots must be taken neat (straight up), on the rocks, or up (shaken with ice and strained into a cocktail glass). This ensures that all flavors, scents, and nuances will be captured in our reviews. We may, however, get drunk and be unable to either taste the booze or give an accurate review.